Custody - Part 3


This eCourse consists of three modules. Module 1 examines the main differences between investment funds and provides an overview of the funds available in various jurisdictions around the world.

Module 2 looks at the crucial fund administration activity of fund accounting and valuation, as well as other key fund administration services.

Module 3 looks at how funds account for the different transactions in which they engage, especially buying and selling securities, and how the critical measure of NAV per share is calculated for funds.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Identify the features and characteristics of the various funds available to investors
- Recognize the importance of the separation of “funds” and “fund management” when establishing most investment funds
- Recognize the critical importance of fund accounting and the calculation of a fund’s net asset value (NAV)
- Identify key fund administration activities such as middle office risk reporting and profit and loss determination, fund formation, taxation, income processing, company secretarial and governance, and proxy voting
- Identify compliance-related fund administration activities, such as customer due diligence, and ensuring compliance with FATCA, AML, and CFT requirements
- Identify the role of accounting in the calculation of fund assets, liabilities, capital, income, and expenses
- Recognize the importance of accurate net asset value (NAV) calculations in enabling fund investors to make correct trading decisions
- Identify the main regulatory issues concerning money market funds and NAV calculations


Module 1: Fund Types & Structures
Topic 1: Main Fund Types & Structures

Module 2: Fund Administration
Topic 1: Fund Accounting & Valuation
Topic 2: Other Fund Administration Services

Module 3: Fund Valuation
Topic 1: Fund Accounting & the NAV Cycle
Topic 2: NAV Calculation
Topic 3: Money Market Funds


Relevant Subject
Type 9 - Asset management
SFC:3.00, PWMA:3.00
Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong (HKCSA): HK$945
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$900
All Member: HK$900
Non-Member: HK$1350