Banking Services

Consumer Banking - Part 2


This eCourse consists of two modules. Module 1 describes the evolution of the various remote channels and how they have affected branch banking dynamics. It outlines best practice in managing each individual channel and, critically, what principles must be observed to offer an integrated channel offering that takes an overall customer view rather than a narrow channel-oriented focus.

Module 2 describes how best practice branch banking seeks to integrate the branch service with the increasing adoption of alternative and remote channels. It outlines how branch staff should be well-versed in directing customers to the most appropriate channel, which combined with the requirement for maximum staffing efficiency means that consumer bank staff need to be flexible to move seamlessly between roles rather than confine themselves to a rigid set of tasks.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Describe how the introduction of the ATM, in conjunction with the plastic payment card, revolutionized consumer banking many years ago and outline the challenges that ATMs face today
- Explain how telephone banking has evolved from dealing merely with customer queries to become increasingly recognized as a critical relationship management channel
- Describe how Internet banking has evolved from rather crude desktop-only websites of the1990s to the slick and sophisticated smartphone applications available today
- Outline the challenges that banks face in offering products and services across all channels in a consistent and seamless manner
- Outline the evolution of the role of the bank branch in relation to the overall delivery mix and changing customer behavior patterns
- Describe the importance of branch technologies such as advanced ATMs, radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology, digital signage, video banking, touchscreens, teller cash recycler (TCR) machines, and employee apps
- Understand the rationale behind trends in branch planning and design


Module 1: Banking Channel Management
Topic 1: ATMs
Topic 2: Telephone Banking
Topic 3: Internet Banking
Topic 4: Managing the Channel Mix

Module 2: Branch Banking
Topic 1: Evolution of a Bank Branch
Topic 2: Branch Technologies
Topic 3: Branch Design & Optimization


SFC:2.00, PWMA:2.00
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$540
Non-Member: HK$780
All Member: HK$540