Private Banking & Wealth Management - Part 3

Private Banking & Wealth Management - Part 3


This tutorial focuses specifically on the challenges associated with managing the relationships in a client portfolio, including winning new clients while simultaneously retaining and growing the business with existing clients. We look at the importance of trust between the wealth manager and the client and the benefits of trust for both parties. We examine the skills and phases involved in becoming a trusted advisor.


On completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:
- Identify the challenges faced by private wealth managers in servicing a portfolio of clients
- Recognise the importance of growing the client base as well as retaining and protecting existing clients and the key ingredients to achieving success in this area
- Identify the process of acquiring new clients and recognise how the wealth manager can handle client objections and concerns
- Identify the role of trust in wealth relationships and list the various stages of the trust spectrum from the perspective of the wealth manager and of the client
- Recognise the role of the trusted advisor and the key skills required to nurture trust
- Appreciate the importance of continuous improvement and client feedback in building trust


Module 1: Private Wealth Management - Client Acquisition & Relationship Management
Topic 1: Client Segmentation & Relationship Strategies
Topic 2: Client Portfolio Management
Topic 3: Client Acquisition

Module 2: Private Wealth Management - Becoming a Trusted Advisor
Topic 1: Building Client Trust
Topic 2: Skills of the Trusted Advisor
Topic 3: Nurturing Trust in Private Wealth Management


SFC:2.50, PWMA:2.50