Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021 will take place on 1-5 November 2021

The Hong Kong FinTech week will take place on 1-5 November this year at HKCEC and online. Bringing together over 17,000 physical and virtual attendees including the region’s biggest FinTech executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and regulators, this one-week event will go beyond the borders of online and offline and connect FinTech practitioners across the globe.

Our top-of-the-lines sessions will navigate you through the ever-changing landscapes of the FinTech industry and share with you insights and business opportunities within Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area, ASEAN, and international markets. Topics this year range from connected customers, rising global ecosystem, FinTech Innovations to leading China FinTech.

Recognized as the biggest FinTech event and the key place of networking in the region, we will roll out our first hybrid Hong Kong FinTech Week that breaches geographical limits and integrates the benefits of both physical and virtual events. This event will bring you unparalleled hybrid networking experiences and help you connect with the right prospects.


  1-5 November 2021




 To secure your place at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021, pre-register now at: https://bit.ly/3jXgycP

 HKSI Institute’s Members enjoy a 10% ticket discount, and please use the code: HKSI10