HKIRA 8th Investor Relations Awards

Vote for Your Best IR Company Today!

As a supporting organisation of the HKIRA 8th IR Awards, we encourage you all to vote your choice in the Awards for the recognition of excellence and best practices in IR among Hong Kong-listed companies and IR professionals.

Online Voting: 23 May – 29 Jun 2022

Award Categories open for nomination and voting:

In recognition of company’s achievement

·         Best IR Company
·         Best ESG (E)
·         Best ESG (S)
·         Best ESG (G)
·         Best IR Team
·         Best Investor Meeting
·         Best Investor Presentation Material
·         Best Annual Report
·         Best IR Company for an IPO 

In recognition of individual’s achievement

·         Best IR by Chairman/CEO
·         Best IR by CFO
·         Best IRO (Investor Relations Officer)







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