FSDC Industry Exchange Series – Realising the Potential of Blockchain in Advancing Hong Kong’s Financial Services Industry

Blockchain technology emerges as a game-changer with immense potential to elevate various aspects across multiple industries, particularly the financial services industry. Leveraging Hong Kong's competitive advantages as an international financial centre with a robust business-to-business (B2B) infrastructure, blockchain technology presents an array of innovative solutions that can potentially transform traditional financial systems by enhancing efficiency and reducing transaction costs.

The Financial Services Development Council (FSDC) conducted a study to explore the role of this technology in advancing Hong Kong's financial services industry, with a particular focus on B2B interactions. The report puts forward key recommendations for fostering a thriving and supportive ecosystem.

As our HKSI Institute Member, you are cordially invited to join the FSDC’s webinar to gain deeper insights into the report. The distinguished speakers will discuss the transformative power of blockchain technology and specific use cases relevant to Hong Kong's unique ecosystem, and, ultimately, strengthen Hong Kong’s stature as a leading hub for innovation and technology.


 Monday, 18 March 2024


 3:00pm - 4:00pm




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