Alternative Investment

HEHFP Module 6: Markets and Trading


This is Module 6 of the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program (HEHFP). It follows naturally from Module 5, introducing the trading function in which the investment ideas of the portfolio manager are turned into actual positions in the hedge fund’s account. This module introduces the role of the trader in a hedge fund, the ways in which markets are accessed, algorithmic trading and high frequency trading. It also covers alternative data, proprietary trading styles, and different trading strategies.

This module is a 4-hour (approx. study time) course and is eligible for 2.5 SFC CPT/PWMA OPT hours.

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By the end of this module, you will be able to:
- Tell the trader's role in a hedge fund
- Describe how to access the markets
- Recognise different trading strategies


Part 1 - Pre-work/Pre-reading materials
(i) Register for a simulated trading account
(ii) Open Outcry (PBS) -Part 4
(iii) Grasshopper Series: "No Ego" - Part 1
(iv) Grasshopper Series: "No Ego" - Part 2
(v) Your Guide to the Many Flavors of Quant Investing
(vi) A Survey of High-Frequency Trading Strategies
(vii) Advanced analytics in asset management: Beyond the buzz
(viii) The trouble with using alternative data to gain an investing edge
(ix) The rise of ‘quantamental’ investing: where man and machine meet

Part 2 - Presentation Slides of the eCourse

Part 3 - Markets & Trading eCourse*
(i) Section 1: The Trader's Role in a Hedge Fund
(ii) Section 2: Price & Value
(iii) Section 3: Accessing the Markets
(iv) Section 4: Algorithmic Trading & Arbitrage
(v) Section 5: High Frequency Trading
(vi) Section 6: Alternative Data
(vii) Section 7: Proprietary Trading
(viii) Concluding Remarks

Part 4 - Quiz*
The quiz consists of 15 questions where learners have 3 attempts to achieve at least 80% with correct answers as a pass.

Part 5 - Post-reading materials
(i) Investing without People
(ii) More articles from Howard Marks
(iii) What’s so interesting About Jesse Livermore?
(iv) A HFT Terminology Cheat Sheet - Interactive Brokers
(v) Ichimoku Trend Analysis
(vi) Is Discretionary Macro Dead?
(vii) The Original Turtle Trading Rules
(viii) Trading and Electronic Markets: What Investment Professionals Need to Know
(ix) AI Use in the Financial Sector
(x) Attack of the Algorithms
(xi) Instinent fined for algo trading and market access breaches
(xii) Liquidity Risk Assessment in Bond Markets
(xiii) How the mathematics of fractals can help predict stock market shifts
(xiv) Evaluating the Ability of Fractal Index and Hurst Exponent to Predict Financial Time Series
(xv) Momentum with Volatility Timing

* mandatory parts to complete


(1) Hedge Fund professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge
(2) Individuals looking to start a Hedge Fund
(3) Service providers e.g., Banking, Risk, Compliance and IT professionals, Lawyers, Fund Administrators


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