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HKSI Founding Chairman Dr Edgar W K Cheng Inducted as HKSI Honorary Fellow of 2010

Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Securities Institute (HKSI) Dr Edgar W K Cheng, GBS, JP, was made an Honorary Fellow of the HKSI during the induction ceremony held at the HKSI's annual Autumn Dinner on 14 October. The Institute was glad to have Professor K C Chan, SBS, JP, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury to present a keynote speech about the latest efforts in developing Hong Kong into a global financial centre.

Dr Cheng is currently the Chairman of The World-Wide Investment Company Limited.

HKSI Honorary fellowships are awarded to individuals who have made distinguished contribution to the development of the Hong Kong securities and financial services industry.

HKSI Chairman Ms Barbara Shiu said, "Dr Cheng is a very well-respected thought leader and a financial professional who has shaped the development of the financial industry in Hong Kong." Dr Cheng has worked in the fields of medicine, public, and business and finance in the US and Hong Kong over the past thirty-five years. His contribution to the development of Hong Kong market is well recognised by the financial industry. Dr Cheng was also the founding Chairman of the HKSI in 1997.

"With his tremendous contribution to the Hong Kong financial industry, it is our honour and pleasure to have Dr Cheng as our HKSI Honorary Fellow for 2010," said Ms Shiu.

In recognition of members' significant contribution to the development of the industry and Institute, three HKSI ordinary members were also inducted as HKSI Fellows during the same occasion. They are Dr Chow Kam To, Richard; Mr Lee Kiu Sang, Baldwin; and Ms So Shuk Man, Tina.

HKSI Chief Executive Mr S F Wong said, "Since its inception, the Institute has gained great support from the industry and the members. We hope that the newly inducted Honorary Fellow and Fellows continue to support our work in leading the industry to new heights."

The HKSI is a premier membership organisation in the financial services industry in the region. To date, there are over 21,000 individual members with 43 Honorary Fellows / Fellows as the highest rank.


    HKSI Board Members and industrial elites toast for the Autumn Dinner


    Professor K C Chan, Dr Edgar W K Cheng, and HKSI Board Members with elites of the industry


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Hong Kong Securities Institute is a professional membership organisation established in 1997 for the securities and investment industry in the region.

Our vision is 'To be the leading organisation in Greater China in promoting the standard of financial services by offering the highest quality professional examinations and training, and most valued and respected membership in the securities and investment industry.'

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