Entry Requirements

To be eligible for registration as a candidate of the CIIA® Final Examination, applicants must meet the requirements of either the DPE/PDFM Route or the EQC Route, as described below:

1.The DPE/PDFM Route

Applicants who have completed all 3 Papers of the HKSI Institute Diploma Programme Examination (DPE), or all 7 Modules of the HKSI Institute Professional Diploma in Financial Markets (PDFM) may proceed directly to the CIIA Final Examination.  They must pass both Exam 1 and Exam 2 of the CIIA Final Examination within FIVE years from the month of their first eligible examination session.

These two categories of applicants are exempt from taking the CIIA Foundation and National Examinations.

2. The EQC Route

The ACIIA has approved the extension of the "Experienced Qualified Candidate" (EQC) Scheme for five years from July 2012 to June 2017.  Under the EQC Route, individuals who meet the following requirements will be exempt from taking the CIIA Foundation and National Examinations and are eligible to proceed directly to the CIIA Final Examination:

  1. HKSI Institute Ordinary Members/Fellows/Senior Fellows/Honorary Fellows; or
  2. *Applicants with suitable academic/professional qualifications recognised by the HKSI Institute.

EQCs must pass both Exam 1 and Exam 2 within THREE years from the month of their first eligible examination session.

* The HKSI Institute regards the following as an indication of possessing suitable academic/professional qualifications for the EQC route:

  1. academic qualifications such as Bachelor Degree(s) or above in accounting, business administration, economics, finance, investment management and law; or
  2. professional qualifications such as CFA, CFPCM, CMA (Australia/ Canada/ US) , ACMA (UK), ACA (England & Wales/ Scotland/ Ireland/ Australia/ New Zealand/ Canada/ South Africa/ Zimbabwe), CPA (HK/ PRC/ Australia/ US) and ACCA (UK); or
  3. other qualifications recognised and approved by the HKSI Institute.

Registration as a CIIA Registered Candidate

To enrol for CIIA Final Examination for the first time, applicants must register with the HKSI Institute as a CIIA Registered Candidate. Registration Fee of HK$1,100 is charged for CIIA Candidate registration.  For details of the application procedures, please refer to the ACIIA/HKSI Institute CIIA Final Examination Registration and Enrolment Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) (Examination in English and/or Examination in Simplified Chinese).

Exams Calendar

August 2017
There is no examination for this month, please find the latest examination shown below.


CIIA Final Exam 1


CIIA Final Exam 2