S.I. – Standards and Insights

S.I. is a quarterly technical newsletter of the HKSI Institute. Not only does S.I. bears the resemblance to the acronym of the HKSI Institute, it also stands for “Standards and Insights”. “Standards” refers to our vision to champion professional standards of excellence in Hong Kong financial services industry; and “Insights” aims at offering you our thoughts on recent industry development and regulatory matters worthy of drawing your attention.

S.I. covers a wide range of technical aspects such as:

  • major market developments and hot topics;
  • important regulatory development;
  • Regulatory Insights Series – an analysis of recent regulatory or enforcement issues;
  • practical experience sharing through interview with our leaders.

We also report recent activities at the HKSI Institute for the interest of our members.

IssuePublished in

S.I. Issue 10

May 2017

S.I. Issue 9

February 2017

S.I. Issue 8

October 2016

S.I. Issue 7

July 2016

S.I. Issue 6

April 2016

S.I. Issue 5

January 2016

S.I. Issue 4

October 2015

S.I. Issue 3

July 2015

S.I. Issue 2

April 2015

S.I. Issue 1

January 2015

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