Trust Training Certificate Examination

The Hong Kong Trustees’ Association Limited (HKTA) launched Certified Trust Practitioners (CTP) accreditation program in Hong Kong to develop talent, set professional standards within the trust and fiduciary services industries. The HKTA has partnered with the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI Institute) to introduce the Trust Training Certificate (TTC). An individual who complete both TTC Course and Examination will be awarded the TTC. TTC Examination is the qualifying examination specified by the HKTA as meeting the registration requirements to be a Certified Trust Practitioners (CTP).


Individuals completed seven units of corresponding TTC Course not more than three years prior to the date of examination are eligible to enrol for the corresponding examination paper of TTC Examination.

TTC Course Corresponding Examination Paper
Part A Unit 1- Unit 7 TTC Examination Part A
7 Units of Part B Unit 8 - Unit 17 TTC Examination Part B - Stream 1
7 Units of Part B Unit 11 - Unit 12, Unit 17 - Unit 22 TTC Examination Part B - Stream 2


Examination Details

Examination Syllabus

Please download the Examination Syllabus.

Examination Structure

Candidates need to attend the TTC training course to sit the TTC examinations. The TTC Examination comprises two parts, Part A and Part B, and conducted in paper-based mode. All examination papers will be offered in English. Examination duration is 90 minutes.

Examination Paper No. of MCQs No. of Short Questions Total Marks of MCQs Total Marks of Short Questions Overall Marks


Pass Mark (%)
Part A  Foundation 60 -- 60 -- 60 70
Part B  Advanced 
Stream 1: Private Trust; or 
Stream 2: Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) / Retirement Schemes
30 2 30 30 60 60

Multiple-choice questions (
MCQs) contain a stem and four (4) answer choices including only one (1) correct answer. Short questions are formatted as a case study and scenario-type questions that requires candidates to apply and integrate knowledge and skills from different areas of the trust industry. Candidates will be required to answer all questions in each paper.  The MCQs all carry equal marks.  The marks for the short-answer questions may not be equal.


Study Support

Multiple Choice Questions

The MCQs will have four alternatives to choose from where one is the correct or best answer. All questions are equally weighted and there is no penalty for an incorrect answer.

Example 1

What is the purpose of a Special Trusts Alternative Regime (“STAR”) trust?

A. To provide a non-charitable purpose trust which could benefit persons and purposes
B. To allow for trusts whereby settlors could still manage the underlying operating companies
C. To allow for trusts which have a perpetuity period of 150 years 
D. To allow for trusts that are perpetual

Example 2

What are the mechanisms put in place by the Mandatory Provident Funds Authority (“MPFA”) to protect members of MPF Schemes in Hong Kong?

I.   Approval and registration of the trustees
II.  Capital adequacy of the trustees
III. Fitness and propriety test of the controllers of the trustees
IV. Indemnity insurance by the MPFA

A. I and III only
B. II and IV only
C. I, II and III only
D. I, II, III and IV

Short-answer Questions

For the short-answer questions, you will be provided with a scenario and you will be asked to answer some (3 to 4) sub-questions such as giving an explanation or providing a solution.

You do not need to answer in essay form, point form answers are acceptable.



To be awarded the Trust Training Certificate, candidates must:

  1. attend seven units of both Part A (foundation) and Part B (advanced) of the TTC Course;
  2. complete the Part A and Part B of TTC Examination within three years from the date of the first class of course of relevant part; and
  3. attend the part of TTC Course BEFORE complete the corresponding TTC Examination.
Requirements for Certified Trust Practitioner (CTP)

Candidates who have completed Trust Training Certificate (TTC) Course and Examination will also need to fulfil the HKTA's "CEM" requirements before they are obtained Certified Trust Practitioner (CTP) designation.

For details of the requirement for CTP designation, please refer to the HKTA website.

Examination Schedule and Fee
Examination Paper Examination Date and Time Enrolment Deadline Release of Examination Results Examination Fee (HK$)
Part A Foundation 13 April 2019 (Sat)
11:30 - 13:00
3 April 2019 (Wed) To be announced 2,000

Part B Advanced

(Stream 1 or Stream 2)

To be announced To be announced To be announced 2,000 each


1. Enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis.
2. The dates and times shown in this timetable refer to the dates in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Standard Time as announced by the Hong Kong Observatory.
3. The timetable and fee are subject to change without prior notice.