Good MPF Employer 2017-18

Calling for Good MPF Employers in 2017-18!

The Good MPF Employer Award 2017-18, organized by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA), is inviting applications. If your company fulfils the requirements of a Good MPF Employer, please fill in the application form by 30 June and seize the chance to be publicly recognized as a Good MPF Employer!

The MPFA encourages employers and scheme members to handle Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)-related matters electronically. This year, you can submit your application form online on MPFA’s Good MPF Employers Award website. You can also submit the form by email, fax or post, or in person. Go online and play a part in protecting the environment!

In 2015, the MPFA launched the Good MPF Employer Award to promote and foster employers’ compliance with MPF legislation; encourage employers to provide better retirement benefits for their employees; and recognize employers who are exemplary in enhancing the retirement benefits of their employees. In the first year, 654 organizations received the Award. In 2016-17, 879 received it.

To be a Good MPF Employer, you have to have participated in an MPF scheme for at least one year and complied with MPF legislation. You must also have provided extra retirement protection for your employees.

Starting from last year, two new awards have been added to the programme: the e-Contribution Award, for efforts to adopt an electronic system for MPF administration, and the Support for MPF Management Award, for efforts to encourage employees to actively manage their MPF. Companies/organizations that qualify for the Good MPF Employer Award and fulfil the assessment criteria for one or both of the new awards will receive extra recognition.

The MPFA will hold an award presentation ceremony later this year. It will also provide special services to the awardees, such as organizing seminars for them, sending them MPFA publications and news, and providing early-bird enrolment for MPFA events.

Don’t hesitate! Make your application and be a Good MPF Employer!

Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority

Hotline: 2918 0102