ACFE Morning Webinar - From Fraud to Money Laundering: Financial Crime Investigation Techniques Using “Free Data”

About the topic:

Financial crime investigations are complicated since different types of offences can be involved, while sophisticated fraudulent schemes have been developed around the world.  Fraud, either internal or external, can be strongly connected with money laundering issues.  Fraudulent activities are considered predicate offences for money laundering since it involves the use of deception or dishonesty to generate illegal proceeds that must be laundered to disguise their illicit origin.

Under this framework, we will present research steps for conducting an investigation as well as the role of “free data”. We aim at analyzing the investigative methods, tools and techniques for combatting financial crime. Also, relevant case studies will be presented to examine the specific characteristics of investigations as well as the red flags raised. In this webinar, we shall explore the details of the investigations that have taken place from a financial crime investigator’s perspective and explore the link between money laundering and fraud in the context of financial crime investigation.

Event details:


 Tuesday, 29 September 2020


 8 am – 10am




 Platform to be announced in the coming week(s)


 HKSI Institute Members: HKD200
 Non-Member: HKD300


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