ACFE Breakfast Seminar - Ethics in the government: Why it matters to the business sectors?


In Hong Kong, it is sometimes common in the business world to offer gifts or hospitality to government officials with a view to building or maintaining a harmonious working relationship.  Such practice is legitimate in most circumstances if it is reasonable but business sectors should be aware of the stringent restrictions imposed on public officials to accept advantages from others to avoid conflict of interest in carrying out their public duties.

The presentation will uncover the common law offence of "Misconduct in Public Office" which principally targets public officials.  It will highlight the less known fact that those working in the business sector can also be found culpable of this offence by the court in certain situations.  Specifically, the seminar will cover the following areas:

  • What are the standards of ethics in the government?
  • What is "Misconduct in Public Office" (MIPO)?
  • When and how people in the business sectors would be found guilty of MIPO?
  • What are the precedent cases relevant to the business sectors?

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