11th International Seminar of SAAJ - Further Transformation in Asset Management Industry

The Securities Analysts Association of Japan (SAAJ) will hold the 11th International Seminar “Further Transformation in Asset Management Industry” in Tokyo on Tuesday 7 April 2020. Simultaneous interpretation in English and Japanese will be provided.

As one of the ASIF members, the individual members of HKSI Institute are offered the discounted registration fee of JPY 10,300 per person (participant category 2: equivalent to SAAJ members who reside in an area other than the Tokyo Metropolitan area) to join the seminar.

Please see details of the program, speakers and registration information from: https://www.saa.or.jp/learning/seminar/global_e/index.html

If you require entry visa to Japan or have any question about the this seminar, please contact Mr Kazumichi Karita of SAAJ at asif-manager@saa.or.jp and Ms Naoko Mori of SAAJ at n-mori@saa.or.jp.