LE Discount Scheme for Student Members

Student Members get to enjoy 50% discount on the Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries (LE) Paper 1, 7, 8 and 12 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Passing the LE is a prerequisite of obtaining license(s) to conduct regulated activities in the securities and investment industry. Students are encouraged to plan their careers early, equip themselves with the required skills and qualifications, and make use of this scheme to enjoy savings up to HKD688.

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Important Note
  • Enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be made before the enrolment deadline.
  • Applicants must be a full-time student with HKSI Institute Student Membership.
  • Applicants must enrol through the Online Portal to enjoy the discount. Please click here for the details of acceptable online payment methods.
  • For other LE details, please refer to the LE Examination Handbook and Regulations.
For Existing Student Members - How To Enrol? 

You must enrol through the Online Portal to enjoy the discount. If you have not used the Online Portal before, click here to activate your account. 

Follow the steps below to enrol:

  • Identify your preferred timeslot from the applicable Examination Timetable, which will be released before the enrolment period starts. 
  • Login to the Online Portal. Please ensure if you are using a member account.
    (Tips: you can see the “MEMBERSHIP” button on the right-hand menu, and after clicking on it, a membership status stating “ACTIVE” is shown.)
  • To enrol for an examination, please click “Enrol Now”. Please choose “Examination” and then “Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries”.
  • Look for the sessions with Student Member discount that you have identified, and then click “Add to Cart”.
  • Please double check the price (LE Paper 1: HKD688 each / LE Papers 7, 8, 12: HKD615 each) when you check out and proceed to payment.
  • You will receive an email upon successful payment and enrolment.
Not Our Student Member Yet? How To Apply & Start Enjoying This Benefit? 

To apply for Student Membership, please

  • Complete the Student Membership Application Form; and
  • Provide a copy of your valid student card and/or academic transcript. The relevant document(s) should show clearly that you are doing a full-time programme with a post-secondary education institution.

The annual fee is HKD300 per year (For our latest welcome offer, please click here.)

Applicants admitted as Student Members will receive email notifications confirming membership status and instructions for online examination enrolment.

Act now to enjoy the discount!