FAQ (Updated)

1. What is HKSI Institute Online Portal?

A new one-stop service online portal (Online Portal) consists of our website, personalised web portal, advanced learning platform and online enrolment system.

2. What are the key benefits of the Online Portal?


Easy access to your personalised portal where you can

  • update your personal information
  • retrieve your QR code for quick registration
  • get the latest membership information and our activities
  • retrieve your records (e.g. enrolment confirmation, CPT attendance records, examination results, receipts and certificates)
  • look for information and our service offerings


The advanced learning platform is designed to

  • offer a variety of technology based learning solutions
  • allow you to choose your preferred learning solutions (e.g. classroom, eCourse, webinar, eSeminar, learning bites)
  • enable you to take courses at your own pace
  • enable you to manage your CPT requirements
  • allow you to access to the latest regulatory and industry information


The personalised web portal will facilitate our young members and practitioners to take charge of their career progression through our talent grooming programmes or new professional qualification programmes.

3. What is ALP?

ALP refers to Advanced Learning Platform which is part of our new one-stop service online portal.   It provides you the flexibility to access various types of technology based learning solutions anytime, anywhere and at your own pace.  It also enables you to manage your CPT requirement and retrieve your examination and CPT records anytime.

4. What are the key features of my personalised Online Portal and ALP?


This is where you update your personal information so that we can serve you better.


For Member, you can retrieve your membership information.


This is for non-Members only.  If you are interested in joining HKSI Institute, browse through this page and you can apply immediately.


You can access to our examination, training and event calendar and enrol online.


You can find all the confirmed examination, training and event activities at one place.  This includes both face to face and eLearning. 

You can also access to the advanced learning platform where you can find your enrolled eLearn.


You can retrieve and print your examination and training records as well as the examination certificates here.


You can retrieve and print your receipt here.


Tell us your communication preference.


Useful contact information is available for your reference.