Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme connects achieved veterans with promising young members and provides opportunities for sharing of wisdom, experience and knowledge. Coming to the seventh cohort, we have revamped the programme to facilitate mentor-mentee sharing and relationship building.

 The 2020/21 Cohort is now open for application. Please find details below:


Why should I apply?

Mentees’ benefits:

  • Independent and valuable advice from mentors in career planning, goal setting and advancement
  • Insights for business and people management
  • Veteran members’ sharing of wisdom and experiences
  • Develop skills and confidence in communicating with senior executives
  • Unique access to professional networking opportunities and make acquaintance with market professionals
  • Leadership skills improved though Mentoring Programme events and “Young Professionals Club” (YPC) activities
  • Peer support amongst fellow mentees
  • Membership Class:
    • Ordinary and Associate Members
    • Student Members who have joined this programme before [1]
  • Aged 35 or below at the time of application
  • Holding valid membership with the HKSI Institute during the relevant cohort
  • The applicant will not leave Hong Kong continuously for over 3 months during the cohort [2]

 [1] Student Members who have attended activities of the HKSI Institute may be admitted to this programme, depending on availability. For new Student Members, we recommend you join the new Industry Connectivity Programme to prepare yourselves for the next cohort.

[2] Applicants should specify in their applications if they are not sure they can meet this requirement. To encourage active participation and continual exchange with mentors, overseas applicants are not usually accepted unless applicants can prove that their commitment and exchanges with mentors will not be affected, subject to mentors’ availability and preferences.

Role of Mentee
  • Be proactive and take initiatives in contacting and seeking advice from mentors.
  • Set clear objectives of what you want to achieve by participating this programme, whether in career or other aspects of life. Ask for specific guidance and advice.
  • Be open to new ideas and suggestions, or advices that may challenge your existing views. These may assist you taking refreshed or innovative views and bring out your best.
  • Look for guidance and directions but not answers. Mentors share their experiences and offer advice for you to make your decisions. Do not seek for career or personal favours out of the relationship.
  • Be prepared before meetings. Consider coming with a prepared agenda outlining questions and topics that you would like to discuss.
  • Respect the time of mentors. Please be on time and polite.
  • Review your progress with mentor periodically.
Who are our Mentors?
  • Veteran practitioners and members of the HKSI Institute
  • Having a desire to give back and contribute to the industry
  • Participate in this programme as a volunteer
  • Join upon HKSI Institute’s invitation

The programme year will start officially on 1 June 2020 and ends at 31 May 2021.





Application Deadline

Early May 2020

Matching of mentors and mentees

1 June 2020

Start of 2020/21 Cohort

June 2020

Regular gatherings arranged by each mentor-mentee groups;

Feedback from groups on their progress

April 2021

Programme Evaluation


End of Cohort

  • Each mentoring group will consist of 1 mentor and 1-2 mentees
  • Both mentees and mentors can submit their most preferred mentors/ mentees to the Secretariat
  • An applicant can elect for a Secretariat’s recommended mentor (where possible) if the preferred mentors are not available.

The Best Mentee Award is given out each year to encourage personal growth, active participation and contributions towards the HKSI Institute.

Evaluation criteria:


Evaluation Criteria



Mentor’s Evaluation



Participation in Paid Events



Participation in Other Events, relating to

-       Mentoring Programme

-       YPC

-       Member Events



Participation in Tuesday Drinks



Being a Member Ambassador



Special Contribution, such as

-       Being the Emcee for Events

-       Co-ordinator / Organiser of Events

-       Production of Marketing / Event Materials



Remark: Best Mentees of previous cohorts scoring the highest points will not receive the same award again.

How to Apply?
  1. Please check “Eligibility” above
  2. Read through and agree to the Code of Conduct
  3. Submit the Mentee Application Form:

 a) For Members, please fill in Application Form on or before 29 April 2020 for us to understand you and your objectives.

b) If you are not yet a member, please submit the Application Form, and Membership Application Form with academic qualification supporting document(s) on or before 20 April 2020 to participate in this programme.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Membership and Outreach Department by calling 3120 6100 or email [email protected]

Remark: The HKSI Institute reserves full rights and discretion in programme admission and all arrangements. Programme details on this website may be changed by the HKSI Institute without notice to participants.

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