General Services (Notes 1,2)
Item Notes Fee (HK$)
(per transaction / copy / request)
Administration fee for offline enrolment  3 $100

Issuance of document 

(including Attendance Record, Certificate, Notification of Results, Official Receipt, Performance Analysis)

  • Printed copy 


  • Printed copy with certification service
Delivery by registered mail
(weight 100g or below) 
  • Local (Hong Kong)
  • Non-local 
(Courier charges subject to quote.)    
Verification of records at HKSI Institute    
  • By email 
  • By post in HKSI Institute letterhead format
Withdrawal of activities enrolled     
  • CPWP Module 1 Exam/LE in Hong Kong
  • Classroom training course(s) or event(s) (not applicable to eCourses, eSeminars and certain training courses/events where indicated.)
  $100 or 40% of the fee, whichever is higher

Unsuccessful or withdrawal of membership application

  • Joining fee and annual subscription fee for membership application
  • Progression application fee
   40% of the fee
Alteration of examination language
(for CIIA Final Exam only. )
Alteration of examination paper
(for TTC Exam (Part B-Stream 1 or Part B-Stream 2) only.)
Examination results rechecking
(for CPWP Module 1 Exam, GSQE, LE in Hong Kong and MPF Exam only.)
 7  $400
Purchase of study materials and past papers    
  • LE Study Manual
- in e-version   $100 (Members / Staff of Corporate Members)
$300 (Non-members)
- in paper format    $500
  • CPWP Module 1 Exam Study Manual
 8 $500 (Regular Price) /
$450 (Candidates/e-version)
  • CIIA Past Paper (English version)
    (for CIIA Registered Candidates only.)
  • MPF Exam Study Notes 
Statement of Results
(not applicable to the PRC Securities Regulations Examination. )
Vetting fee
(for unsuccessful CIIA Final Exam candidate registration/ unsuccessful enrol for the CIWM Exam/TTC Exam only. )



ACIDWP Exam Advanced Certificate in International and Domestic Wealth Planning Examination
CIIA Final Exam Certified International Investment Analyst Final Examination
CIWM Exam Certified International Wealth Manager Examination
CPWP Module 1 Exam Certified Private Wealth Professional Module 1 Examination
GSQE The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society Qualification Examination
MPF Exam MPF Intermediaries Examination
TTC Exam Trust Training Certificate Examination



  1. The fees do not include activity and examination, as well as  membership application, progression and renewal. Please refer to the HKSI Institute website ( for details. 
  2. Applicants should submit an application within the relevant period, unless specified otherwise (please refer to the relevant polices/examination handbook(s)).
  3. Not applicable to CIIA candidate registration application, GSQE, membership application and/or other activities as specified. 
  4. Not applicable to the Certificate/Notification of Results of examinations before 27 September 2017.
  5. Not applicable to the issuance of the CIIA/CIWM/GSQE Certificate. For reissuance of CIIA/CIWM Certificates, an administration fee of HK$500 (per copy) will be charged.
  6. Performance analysis for CPWP Module 1 Exam (Paper-based Examination (PBE))/LE (PBE) in Hong Kong, LE in Mainland and LE in Taiwan only. 
  7. All result rechecking fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. However, if the original examination result is found incorrect after remarking, the result rechecking fee will be refunded to the candidate concerned. 
  8. Candidates who purchase Study Manuals for those CPWP Module 1 Exam papers for which they have enrolled during the period from the enrolment date to the examination date of the relevant examinations will enjoy a 10% discount. The HKSI Institute has full discretion to adjust the fees at any time. When an adjustment is made, a public announcement will be posted on its website.

The HKSI Institute has full discretion to adjust the fees at any time. When an adjustment is made, a public announcement will be posted on its website.