Classroom Training - by series

Asset and Wealth Management


AML Series - Common Deficiencies of the Securities & Asset Management Industry
Asset Management Fundamentals - Module 1 Overview of Legal & Regulatory Framework for Securities & Futures Industry
Asset Management Fundamentals - Module 2 Financial Markets
Asset Management Fundamentals - Module 3 Regulation of Asset Management
Asset Management Fundamentals - Module 4 Asset Management
Asset Management Industry: The Year 2017 and beyond
Back Office Fundamentals - Module 1 Overview of Legal & Regulatory Framework for Securities & Futures Industry
Back office fundamentals - Module 2 Financial Markets
Back office fundamentals - Module 3 Dealing, Clearing and Settlement practices
Back office fundamentals - Module 4 Operational requirement under the SFO
Back office fundamentals - Module 5 Compliance, Risk Management & Controls
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 1 - Overview of PWM Industry, Products & Services
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 2 - Fixed Income Investment
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 3 - Equity Securities
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 4 - Foreign Exchange
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 5 - Derivatives
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 6 - Structured Products
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 7 - Alternative Investments
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 8 - Unit Trust and Investment Funds
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 9 - Lending & Leverages
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 10 - Wealth Planning
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 11 - Portfolio Management - Theories and Practices
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 12 - Behavioural Finance
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 13 - Mainland China and Asia-Pacific Financial & PWM Markets
CPWP Module 1 - Topic 14 - Customer Relationship Management
Revision Course for CPWP
Revision Course for CPWP Module 1 Paper 2


Default Investment Strategy (DIS) Training for MPF Intermediaries
Due Diligence in an Equity Offering Process
Duties and Liabilities of Responsible Officers
Enhanced Regulation of MPF Intermediaries and Conduct Requirements of MPF Intermediaries
Financial Statement, free Cash Flow and Valuation Modelling
Fundamentals of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing
How to design & implement an effective AML/CTF programme
Insider Dealing
Integrity @ work
Investment Sales Compliance
Know your Client and Prevention of Money Laundering
Lessons learned on recent SFC enforcement cases
Market Manipulation and Related Disciplinary Issues
MPF Series - Sales Compliance and Recent Development
Overview of Legal and Regulatory Framework for Securities and Futures Industry (Cantonese class)
Overview of Legal and Regulatory Framework for Securities and Futures Industry (English class)
Regulation of Futures Trading
Regulation of Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading
Regulation of Securities Trading
Regulatory Insight - Power of Investigation and Prosecution of the SFC
Regulatory Update on AML, Selling Practices and Code of Conduct
SFO Series - Client Money Rules
SFO Series - Disclosure of Interests
SFO Series - Financial Resources Rules
SFO Series - Requirements for Back Office Operations
The Code, Practice & Impact of Corporate Governance
Understanding Financial Shenanigans Series II - Understanding Financial Gimmicks


General Industry & Business/Management Skills related
An Overview of the Evolution of Internet Finance in China
Capital Market Update: Managing Risks and Exploring Opportunities
China Capital Markets Financial Reform
Hong Kong and Qianhai Financial Consolidation – Opportunities and Risks
The Implication of China "One Belt and One Road" Strategy
What to Read in a Company Research Report


Risk Management
Analyzing Property Stocks
Bond Market Fundamentals
Capital Market Liquidity Risk Management
Commercial Lending and Credit Analysis
Corporate Finance - Ratio Analysis as Effective Investment and Management Tools
Corporate Finance - Strategic Working Capital Management
Counterparty Credit Risk Management
Debt Securities
Derivatives Investment Products
Financial Statements Analysis
Fraud Risk Management
Fundamentals of Credit Rating
Fundamentals of Investment Banking
Fundamentals of Private Equity
How to Identify Financial Statement Fraud
Interest Rate Market Fundamentals
Internal Control, Fraud Risk Management and Regulatory Enforcement Updates
Investing in Warrants
Investment Linked Insurance Products
Liquidity and Treasury Management (Part I)
Liquidity and Treasury Management (Part II)
Liquidity Risk Management
Mastering Index Options
Overview of Treasury Products
Portfolios Performance Evaluation
Professional Real Estate Investment Strategy
Risk Management Framework for Banking and Financial Services Industry
The Behavioral Finance Approach to Asset Allocation
Understanding Asset Allocation
Understanding Equity-Linked Notes (ELN)
Understanding Funds Investment and Alternatives Investment
Understanding Hedge Funds
Understanding Interest Rate Swaps
Understanding OTC Derivatives
Understanding RMB Bonds
Understanding RMB Internationalization and the Offshore RMB Market
Understanding Stock Options
Understanding Venture Capital
Understanding Volatility
Value Investing Explained


Specific Industry Sectors and Products
Chinese securitisation development and risks
FinTech Series: The Future of A.I. in FinTech
Managing & Trading in Today’s Volatility
Managing Risks with Financial Derivatives
Strategies for Intra-day trading
Structured Products - key features and risks
Suitability Obligations – Frequently Asked Questions
Understanding the Greeks
Understanding the Structure and Risks of Credit Derivatives