China Securitisation Development and Risks

China Securitisation Development and Risks


China is emerged to be largest securitisation market in Asia since the re-launch in 2012. It is regarded as a tool of financial innovation to assist the development and transformation of the China’s financial system. The latest development is the successful launch of securitisation of bad bank loan. Also, there is increasing types of instruments and participants joining this market. 

This course will describe the design components of China securitisation product, with focus on real case studies and choice of appropriate assets. It will also discuss the risk and opportunities ahead.


1. Design features and taxonomy
2. Risk management
3. Execution
4. Assets for securitisation
5. Industry prospect

Speaker/Course Instructor

WU Sze Yin Dominic
Mr Wu possesses over 20 years of experience in banking, securities, assets management and consultancy. He is a qualified accountant, fraud examiner and professional risk manager. He obtained his MBA from the University of Hull, UK.

Mr Wu is currently the Chairman of Asia Financial Risk Think Tank and Hong Kong Chapter of the Institute of Operational Risk (IOR). He is advisor of various financial institutions, associations and universities in HK, China and Singapore on investment and risk related matters. He has published articles and whitepapers on current financial and risk management topics in Chinese and Western public and government media.


Date & Time
Wednesday, 1 Nov 2017 (6:30PM - 9:30PM)
HKSI Institute Training Centre
SFC:3.0, PWMA:3.0