Managing Risks with Financial Derivatives

Managing Risks with Financial Derivatives


This course is to provide a holistic understanding of the evolution of basic and exotic financial derivatives instruments, their pricing and applications in risk management, with an added focus on the risk sensitivity measure involved in their usage.


1. Derivatives
2. Time value of money
3. Forward and zero yield curve
4. Interest rate derivatives
5. Currency derivatives
6. Trading strategies
7. Derivatives risk typology

Who should attend

This course is primarily targeted to traders, account executives, fund and portfolio managers, brokers, analysts and investment advisers. Participants should have the basic knowledge in derivatives.

Speaker/Course Instructor

KAN Ka Kin Kimson
Mr Kan has over eight years of experience working in an international investment bank, particularly in derivatives products. He is an equity derivatives technical expert who has the ability to price the daily Theoretical Values for Index and stocks options, warrants, and to calculate historical volatility for HSI Index, futures and options. He possesses a Master degree in Economics and Bachelor degree in both Finance and Accounting


Date & Time
Wednesday, 8 Nov 2017 (6:30PM - 9:00PM)
Thursday, 9 Nov 2017 (6:30PM - 9:00PM)
HKSI Institute Training Centre
SFC:5.0, PWMA:5.0