HKSI Institute Meets Regulators and Key Influencers in Hanoi

HKSI Institute Meets Regulators and Key Influencers in Hanoi

Hong Kong, 24 May 2016 –The Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI Institute) led a high-level Study Mission to Hanoi recently to learn first-hand about the latest developments in, and outlook of, the first coastal stop of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road outside China.  The delegation also explored potential collaborations with key Vietnam stakeholders in the financial services industry.

The delegation met with senior officials and representatives from market institutions and companies, including:

- Hanoi Stock Exchange
- State Bank of Vietnam
- State Securities Commission of Vietnam
- BNP Paribas
- Securities Research and Training Center
- Sunwah Group
- VinaCapital

During the 2-day visit, delegates also visited ULIS - Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Centre and Ba Thien 2 Industrial Park to understand the country from different perspectives.

“Since 2004, our annual visit to a key financial market in the region has been a highlight in the HKSI Institute’s calendar.  There is no doubt that these study missions afford our members extraordinary access to direct, open dialogue with key influencers within our neighbour economies,” said Mr John Maguire, Chairman of the HKSI Institute.  “This year, I was excited to have led the delegation to visit the Hanoi stock exchange, Vietnam’s securities and monetary regulators and business leaders”, John added.

Mr K Y Ho, Managing Director of BNP Paribas Hong Kong and Organising Chair of the Study Mission to Hanoi, said, "I am most honoured to connect the HKSI Institute members with the key players and the local community in Hanoi.”

For the fourth consecutive year, three awardees from the HKSI Institute’s Young Talent Programme joined this study mission through the generous sponsorship of I-Access Group Ltd.  To compete for the coveted spots to Hanoi, the contestants submitted an essay on “One Belt One Road: Opportunities for Vietnam?” echoing the Belt and Road development initiatives.

Mr Louis Mak, Chief Executive Officer of I-Access Group Ltd, who personally reviewed the essays to select the winning scholars, said, “It was a challenge for our young contestants to produce a comprehensive but concise essay (contestants were limited to 500 words).  The top three selected awardees have been offered the opportunities to widen their horizons and market knowledge, and provided them with unrivalled access and interaction with seasoned professionals. This is the ultimate goal of the HKSI Institute’s Young Talent Programme: to nurture and groom young talented individuals for the industry”.

Mr Rocky Shum, one of the award winners currently on placement at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority remarked, “It was a rewarding experience to meet officials from important institutions in Vietnam and to engage in in-depth dialogue with the senior officials who met with us.”  Mr Shum continued, “As a young scholar, I am particularly grateful for the abundant networking opportunities afforded to me with the senior Hong Kong delegates and the Vietnamese officials and business leaders.  I not only gained insights into the business potential in Vietnam but also received some helpful advice on career planning and professional development.”

In addition to official visits, exposure to the local culture and connecting with businesses to gain a flavour of the overall business atmosphere in Vietnam and to build local contacts were also key elements of the HKSI Institute’s study mission.  “This year, we are grateful for Sunwah Group and VinaCapital, represented by Ms Betty Chan, Director of International Relations of Sunwah Group and Mr Dang Hong Quang, Director of VinaCapital and other senior officers, for hosting the lunch reception for the delegation, which was well attended by the delegates as well as the invited guests,” said Mrs Edith Chan, Chief Executive of HKSI Institute.

“Further playing the ambassadorial role in the region, we connected delegates with the Securities Research and Training Center (SRTC), fellow member of the Asian Securities and Investment Federation (ASIF) in which we have participated since 1997.  SRTC generously assisted in lining up meetings with the key regulators and stock exchange, and co-hosted a dinner reception for our delegates to continue the dialogue with the guests from the visiting organisations,” said Mrs Edith Chan.

“One of missions of the HKSI Institute is to provide our members with exceptional access to business and regulatory leaders by means of thoughtful programmes. I am glad that we have always achieved this for the delegates in our Overseas Study Missions,” Mrs Chan supplemented.

Gala dinner co-hosted with Securities Research and Training Center with VIP guests from State Securities Commission of Vietnam, Hanoi Stock Exchange, BNP Paribas and the Sunwah Group.

Three award winners to the Hanoi Study Mission with sponsor Mr Louis Mak, Chief Executive Officer of I-Access Group (second right) and fellow directors of the HKSI Institute.

Visit to the Hanoi office of Organising Chair, Mr K Y Ho, Managing Director, BNP Paribas (second row, third from the right).

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