HKSI Privacy Policy

Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI) agrees to comply with The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and provide full protection and keep in strict confidence to any personal information received by HKSI.

Data Collection

Institute would collect and keep your personal information in the following conditions:
  • When you register as a "HKSI member;
  • When you participate in any examinations, trainings, events, or surveys in the Institute; and
  • When you express any opinions.

HKSI does not sell, trade or disclose any information you provided to any third party without your prior consent. However, our staff reserves the right to access your personal information for administrative purposes.

HKSI will, in the following situations, disclose your personal information without your prior consent to a third party, including the protection of Institute's copyrights and intellectual property rights, the investigation of illegal activities and any other procedures required by law.

HKSI reserves the right to use the personal information you provided for statistical and data analysis, and the right to use and publish the results thus generated.


Every registered member has his or her private password, and our system allows restricted access with that password only.

Access to personal information is only granted by using the authorized password.

HKSI will protect all personal data in our system, but will not guarantee that the transmission of data is absolutely secure. If you discover any of your personal data being disclosed to a third party, please contact us immediately.

You should not reveal your password to any third parties. HKSI is only responsible for protecting the passwords within our system. You have logged out, in order to prevent others from accessing your personal information.

Domain Names and IP Addresses

Every time when you log in to HKSI, our web servers will automatically verify your domain name and IP address, and HKSI will use these data for statistical and data analysis

Intellectual Property

Except expressly stated otherwise, the copyright of all the contents under HKSI, including texts, graphics, photos, audios and videos, are owned by HKSI.

Except expressly stated otherwise, none of the information and materials mentioned above can be copied, modified, reproduced, published, uploaded, transmitted and distributed in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of HKSI. If you discover that other individuals or organizations have infringed the copyright of HKSI, please contact us immediately.

All enquiries regarding the personal data should be in writing to:
  • Director - Finance and Operations Department
    Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute
    Room 2404-09, 24/F,
    Wing On Centre,
    111 Connaught Road Central,
    Hong Kong.