Benefits and Requirements

As a professional organisation for the securities and investment industry in the region, the Institute provides Corporate Membership and Individual Membership for different stakeholders of the industry.

The Corporate Membership in the HKSI Institute is open to securities firms, investment houses, banks and other organisations, who seek to be actively involved in the industry, are keen to raise and sustain high standards in securities and investment, and would like to participate in the Institute's policy making and securities related activities.

Practitioners in the securities and investment industry will be eligible to apply to join the Institute if they meet the requirements for Individual Membership. To address the needs of different practitioners, the Institute has provided a multi-tier membership structure with Honorary Fellow / Fellow at the top.

Honorary Fellow (FHKSI (Hon))

The HKSI Institute Honorary Fellowship is intended for individuals who have made distinguished contribution to the financial community.

Fellow (FHKSI)

The HKSI Institute Fellowship is reserved for Ordinary Members who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Institute and industry through their association with the HKSI Institute.

Member (MHKSI)

The Ordinary Membership ('Member') is open to individuals if they have the required qualification and 3-year industry experience.

Associate (AHKSI)

For young individuals with less industry experience or new entrants to the industry, they might join the Institute as Associate Member ('Associate').

Affiliate (HKSI Aff)

The Affiliate Membership ('Affiliate') is for individuals who are interested to keep abreast of the industry trends.