Introducing Membership

The HKSI Institute is established primarily to serve practitioners of the financial industry, including asset management, banking, brokerage, corporate finance, fund management, investment consulting, regulatory compliance, as well as operations and support functions, through our wide range offerings of examinations, education and development programmes, and outreach activities.

The financial industry is ever-changing – new policies and regulations introduced, innovative products launched and market conditions changed. Throughout the year, prominent market professionals, expert academics and seasoned trainers, local and global key regulators, government officials and top business leaders are invited to update members and practitioners on topical subjects and industry priorities at the HKSI Institute’s continuous professional development programmes.

Promoting Industry Standards

In promoting professionalism and integrity among those interested and involved in the financial services industry, the HKSI Institute provides a valuable platform for life-influencing development and the sharing of best practices.

The HKSI Institute membership is a unique professional community that allows members to grow beyond their own network. For those making the deliberate choice to join us as members, it sets them apart from industry practitioners at large by being part of the elite to excel with like-minded peers.

There are two types of membership, namely:



There are always new members joining the ranks of the HKSI Institute. Please congratulate them with us!