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Updates on Insurance Authority

The Insurance Authority (IA) is an independent regulator responsible for regulating and supervising the insurance industry. The IA has been regulating insurance companies since 26 June 2017, and will take over the regulation of insurance intermediaries in about two years. Welcome to watch, like and share the IA Corporate Video to learn more about the IA’s statutory functions and major initiatives. Please also visit the IA website ( and subscribe to the IA YouTube channel for the latest information.


Updates on Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy

Strategy and its focuses

The IEC has undertaken a comprehensive process to develop the Strategy building on the results of a public consultation, feedback from a series of stakeholder workshops, international best practice guidance as well as the full support from the community. The Strategy is the first initiative of its kind in Hong Kong with three strategic focuses: raise awareness of the benefits of financial education, extend opportunities to learn and enhance coordination and collaboration among stakeholders. Download the full strategy:English version,Chinese version

HKSFL Ambassadors and Supporting Organisations

To date, 40 sector organisations and industry associations have signed up as supporting organisations, and together with 11 ambassadors will promote the benefits of financial education to the public. A video series highlighting individual ambassador stories (11 in total) is available now to raise awareness and stimulate discussions.

Ambassadors and video stories: and our YouTube platform
Supporting organisations:

HKSFL website and associated initiatives

Website: A dedicated website ( was established to serve as a central place to provide information, address enquiries and collate input (via, facilitate and coordinate the engagement of stakeholders throughout the development and implementation of the HKSFL.

Financial Competency Framework ( which identifies a comprehensive set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivations and behaviour required for financial literacy, is aiming to help establish behavioural standards for the public to emulate and for organisations to utilise when developing their initiatives.

IEC Research Grant: The IEC has launched a research grant to encourage high-quality research with an objective to stimulate new financial literacy research and promote robust partnerships between financial education practitioners and academics.