The Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute offers those who are interested in pursuing a career within the financial services industry a comprehensive programme of high quality professional training, events and internationally recognised examinations which aim to assist individuals achieve their own professional goals within the industry.

Practical, Market Focused Programmes
All of our professional training, events and examinations programmes are developed hand in hand with high profile market practitioners. Managing Directors, CEO's and Chairmen of major stock broking houses, investment banks, fund managers and insurance organisations serve on HKSI Committees guiding the direction of our service offering. This guiding hand of industry leaders helps to ensure that all of our courses, seminars, examinations and events are practical and market focused.

Milestones of HKSI (1997-2012)
The establishment of the HKSI helps Hong Kong entering the ranks of world class financial centers. Since its establishment in 1997, the Institute has striven hard to uphold our objectives and missions through a number of achievements.