Young Professionals Club

More students and young professionals are joining the HKSI Institute membership community through our scholarship and mentoring programmes. The Young Professionals Club (YPC) was formed in 2016 to prepare and empower the promising talents for leadership roles. All members aged 40 or below are within the YPC and no separate registration is required.

The YPC Council is responsible for developing and organising activities for YPC members. Through these activities, young members will learn how to develop their careers, expand professional networks and sharpen leadership skills. It is also a platform for them to develop peer support, exchange ideas and share common interests.

A series of activities including workshops, visits and drinks events are in the pipeline. All YPC members will receive programme information via email. Please join the activities with your friends – your ambassadorial role is important for outreaching to a wider network and building connectivity.

YPC Activities:

July 2017 Dress for Success
February 2017 How to Interview with Financial Institutions?
January 2017 Networking Like a Professional
November 2016 CV and Interview Workshop
October 2016 LinkedIn Talk
August 2016 YPC Launch Party
March 2016 YPC Drinks Event


2017 YPC Council Members

Mr Karl REDMOND (Convener) 韋卡爾先生(召集人)
Mr Alex FUNG 馮俊鵬先生
Mr Felix LAI 黎以律先生
Mr Kevin LIEM 林子傑先生
Mr Christopher CHAU 周先奇先生
Miss Serena CUI 崔韾元小姐
Mr Jason KWONG 鄺志輝先生
Mr LEE Chun Kit 李進傑先生
Ms Sky LUO 羅敏小姐
Mr Kevin PANG 彭子豐先生
Mr Tomas VACEK Tomas VACEK先生
Ms Daisy LO (Secretary) 盧淑賢女士(秘書)