HKSI Career Talk

HKSI Career Day 2012 (29.9.2012)
As a leading professional organisation in finance, HKSI is committed to groom local talent for the sustainable growth of the industry. For this year, the HKSI Career Day was held on Saturday, 29 September 2012 (12:00pm - 6:00pm) at HKSI Training Centre. HKSI members and practitioners from various segments were invited to share their industry experience and career advice to new and potential entrants to the finance industry. HKSI corporate members also participated in hosting information sessions and career booths to introduce their business background and job requirements. This is the 6th year for HKSI to organise the Career Day at HKSI. Click here for speaker presentations and highlights.

Introducing HKSI Membership to HKUST students at its Career Mosaic (11.10.2012)

Introducing HKSI Membership to HKU SPACE students at its Career Week (24.5.2012)

HKSI provides career advice to associate degree students at Top-up Degree Fair (21.4.2012)

HKSI introduces affiliate/associate membership at Lingnan University Networking Day (28.3.2012)

LU Business Programmes Associate Director Dr Yeung Wing-lok (middle) and HKSI staff at the booth

Member Ivan Ng speaking at the Career Talk for Heep Woh College students (11.3.2012)

HKSI introduces affiliate/associate membership at the Job Fair of University of Macau (28.2.2012)

HKSI recruits young member at the TDC Education & Careers Expo
(30.1.2012) Nurturing young talent is essential to the industry’s future. Effective from 30 January 2012, HKSI has re-positioned the Associate Membership (AHKSI) and Affiliate Membership (HKSI Aff) to provide a progressive membership structure for new & young entrants and university students who do not have sufficient industry experience. Click here for the announcement.

Chief Executive Mr SF Wong (right) at the booth.

Mr Duan Xin (right) becomes one of the first associates recruited at the Expo

HKSI Career Day 2011
(10.2011) In 2011, the annual career talk is expanded to a one-day programme in which members and practitioners from various segments are invited to share their industry experience and career advice to new and potential entrants to the finance industry. Corporate members are also invited to host information sessions and booths to introduce their business background and job requirements. Interested persons please click here for more information.

HKSI Career Talk 2010 
In order to reach out to the potential entrants of the industry, the Institute had organised a number of career talks on campus. The purpose is to give an overview of the growth and development of the industry so that students can better prepare themselves for entry. In 2010, senior HKSI members were invited to join the chief executive to share their personal experiences with students. With the strong support and valuable contribution of the members, the talks were successfully held and feedback was positive.  In 2010, the career talk was held on October 27 at the HKSI Training Centre. Membership Committee Members Ms Anna Wong and Mr Richard Winter were the guest speakers to share an overview of career prospect in the local financial industry in particular the operation and compliance field with the universities students. Students from 8 universities joined the career talk and this year about 100 students attended.

HKSI Career Talk 2009 
Co-organised with financial portal eFinancialCareers, the HKSI Career Talk for 2009 was held on 29 October this year at HKSI venue with senior representatives from members, corporate members, recruitment firm and publisher. The theme for this year is "Building a Career in Banking during the Financial Crisis". Flyer and presentation files are available for download.

HKSI Career Talk 2008 
Despite ongoing turmoil in the financial markets, local university students say they are still eager to join the financial industry, displaying the kind of commitment that has made Hong Kong a leading finance centre. On 31 October 2008, approximately 200 students attended a career talk organised by the Institute. During the presentation, senior industry practitioners Ms Chow Yuen-Yee, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley, and Mr Gerald Greiner, Chief Operating Officer, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, both of whom are HKSI members, gave an insider's view of the industry and shared their thoughts on career development. Details refer to the press release.

HKSI Career Talk 2007
A Career Talk, entitled "An Insider View of Developing Your Career in the Financial Industry" was held on 16 November 2007 at HKSI venue with Members Ms Samantha Ho & Mr John Williamson to share their real life experience. Members and career seekers are welcome to review the talk by clicking here, the presentation slides are also available to download at here.