List of e-Seminars


(English version only unless otherwise stated)

Jul 2015

Challenges in Upholding the Integrity of Markets

Mr James Shipton, Executive Director of the Intermediaries Division of the SFC, spoke on the importance and challenges in upholding the integrity of markets and the practical steps that the industry must take in addressing the deep-rooted culture and behavior issues that underpin repairing the industry’s reputation and trust.

May 2015

Regulatory Developments on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock

Mr Ashley Alder, Chief Executive Officer of Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) spoke on the latest developments in the SFC’s approach to the supervision of firms and enforcement against misconduct, as well as the recent launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect (Stock Connect). He elaborated on how regulators have agreed to tackle enforcement and surveillance challenges arising from the Stock Connect and how these developments are relevant to Hong Kong firms.

Nov 2014

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect: The Operational Details

Ms Olivia Mak, Vice President, Cash Trading Department and Mr Kalvin Chao, Vice President, Cash Clearing Operations Department of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (“HKEx”), provided the operational details on the Northbound trading and clearing of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect at Part II of a series of 3 HKSI Institute series on the Programme.

Oct 2014

Hong Kong's Financial Sector: Half-way Through the 2010s and Way Forward

Miss Au King-chi, Permanent Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (Financial Services), addressed the topic “Half-way Through the 2010s and Way Forward” by offering her views on how Hong Kong’s financial services industry could strengthen its unique position as it enters the second half of the decade.

Sep 2014

Is there a Disconnect between the Asset Markets and the Level of Global Economic Activity?

Dr John Greenwood, OBE, Group Chief Economist of Invesco Limited, well-known as the "father of the Hong Kong-dollar peg”, shared his thoughts about the apparent disconnect between the well-performed asset markets and the generally weak global economic environment.

July 2014

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) have approved, in-principle, the development of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, a pilot programme for establishing mutual stock market access between Mainland China and Hong Kong. Here, Mr Bryan Chan, Co-Head, Equities, Fixed Income and Currency, Global Markets Division of HKEx shared more on this defining development.

May 2014

A Challenging Year in the Making Globally; Upside Tilt for China

The decline in liquidity growth will have a definite negative effect on markets. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence of US or global economic recovery that could make up for it. Stocks are in for a tough year. China’s economic growth, however, will increasingly benefit from the Xi government’s aggressive reform program. Mr Uwe Parpart shared his insight in this e-Seminar.

May 2014

Reforming the Pension System in Mainland China

The pension challenges that China facing are a complex combination of deteriorating demographics, inefficient administration and , limited investment choices. Mr Robert C. Pozen, Mr Stuart Leckie, Mr Paul Murray, Ms Yvonne Sin, and Mr Andrew Sheng analyze the key crises and the possible solutions in the previous HKSI Institute Joint Conference.

Apr 2014

Poverty in the Midst of Affluence: How Hong Kong Mismanaged its Prosperity

Mr Leo F. Goodstadt, an honorary HKIHSS fellow, University of Hong Kong, explained the definition of “new” poverty and analyzed its relationship with the mismanagement of the Hong Kong’s public finance and social services policy.

Oct 2013

When The Money Runs Out - The End of Western Affluence

Mr Stephen King, Group Chief Economist of the HSBC visited the HKSI Institute and gave a speech titled “When The Money Runs Out - The End of Western Affluence”. Watch the e-seminar and learn more about his insight!

Jul 2013

OTC Derivative Reforms: Preparing for the next horizon

Mr David Haigh and Mr Kishore Kumar Ramakrishnan of Ernst & Young explained the OTC Derivative Reforms, especially the impact of the Dodd Frank Act to the audiences of this luncheon seminar.

Jan 2013

Hong Kong, Asia and the Eurozone Crisis

Dr John Greenwood, Chief Economist of INVESCO, explains to market practitioners what to expect after the financial crisis in a HKSI Institute seminar.

Jun 2012

HKSI Young Professional Seminar "To Excel - through Tough Jobs in China" (In Cantonese)

Former President of the China Minsheng Banking Corporation and Former CEO of HSBC (China) Mr Eddie Wang shared his China experience for young members and practitioners in our "Young Professional Seminar" Series.

First chapter available at Youtube for public access.

May 2012

Most Recent Development of RMB Business in Hong Kong and Prospects Ahead

Senior Strategic Planner of Bank of China, Mr Ye Yunping, informed us the recent policy development of RMB business and its implications to RMB cross-border trade settlements, deposits, CNH trading, Dim Sum bonds, and prospects on investment products. Mr Ye also discussed with the seminar participants on prospects and challenges ahead in the offshore RMB development.

First chapter available at Youtube for public access.

Apr 2012

Private Banking and Wealth Management Trends in Asia

Private Banking is becoming one of the most fast-growing businesses in the Hong Kong finance industry. But how do the private bankers perform? What needs to be paid attention to in the coming year? Emily Lam, Private Banking Advisory Services Partner of PwC Hong Kong, highlights the Asia-Pacific Private Banking Survey 2011 in a previous HKSI Institute seminar.

First chapter available at Youtube for public access.

Nov 2011

The Present and Future of High-Frequency Trading

The US and European capital markets have been through a number of developments, from the implementation of sophisticated trading technology to the evolution of their regulatory frameworks, which have fostered the emergence of High-Frequency Trading (HFT) strategies. Despite the controversy surrounding HFT, speed traders will continue finding alpha-generating opportunities by trading new asset classes in new geographies employing more sophisticated tools than ever. Pre-eminent networker in HFT Edgar Perez will talk about the future of HFT in this seminar.

Putonghua version available.

Nov 2011

Private Banking Training – a New Direction for Hong Kong

HKSI Institute Chairman, Mr Anthony and HKSI Institute Chief Executive, Mr SF Wong, talk about training of private banking and how it will impact the Hong Kong market.
Aug 2011

What Makes A Successful IPO?

Mr Philippe Espinasse takes a step-by-step approach with a global view to discuss various issues of making an IPO successful including how investment banks are organised; documentation, valuation and marketing aspects of IPOs; and what happens after listing, including stabilization, aftermarket management and investor relations.

Putonghua version available.

Jul 2011

The Evolution of Western Exchanges and its Relevance to the Development of the Asian Markets

The exchanges market is crucial to the development of the Western economy. Mr William Barkshire of the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange tells you why it is also important to the Asian market.
Jul 2011

Reflections on the use of listed shell companies in Hong Kong

Mr Martin Sabine of Somerley Limited explains the why some companies prefer to buy a shell to be listed to the market instead of going through IPO.
Jun 2011

Outlook 2011: Tough Year Ahead

What can we expect for the year of 2011? Mr Uwe Parpart tells us in the presentation what he thinks and share with us why he considers there is a tough year ahead.