LE Study Manuals

Candidate should be aware of the notice about the revision study notes, examination questions and answers of the LE which are available for sale in other websites.

E-Study Manuals

To help candidates prepare for the LE, the HKSI Institute has launched thirteen E-Study Manuals in both English and Chinese.  Candidates enrolling for the LE papers can enjoy the flexibility of downloading the respective E-Study Manuals via the “View Candidate History” page of the HKSI Institute Online Registration and Enrolment System during the period from the enrolment date to the examination date of the relevant examinations.

CD and Hardcopy Versions Study Manuals

E-Study Manuals are only available for LE candidates; however, to cater for the needs of other interested parties, a CD version and a hardcopy version of the LE study manuals are also available for sale at the HKSI Institute office as follows:


HKSI Institute individual members and staff of corporate members
(excluding student members)

CD: $100 per copy
Hardcopy: $500 per copy

Student members and non-members

CD: $300 per copy
Hardcopy: $500 per copy

Moreover, in order to reflect the latest requirements, changes in the financial industry and/or regulations, and to improve learning efficiency, the HKSI Institute revises the LE study manuals and publishes their updated version or edition periodically. For details, please click the following link: Updating Your Study Manuals