The notice about the revision study notes, examination questions and answers of the Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries (“LE”) which are available for sale in other websites

The Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (the “HKSI Institute”) recently became aware of some websites which offer sale of revision study notes and/or examination questions and answers of the Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries (“LE”).  These websites claimed that those examination questions are originated and copied from HKSI Institute’s official examinations by candidates who attempted the relevant LE examinations.

Intellectual property rights of LE materials

All information, materials and questions are the proprietary information of the HKSI Institute and all copyright therein belongs exclusively to the HKSI Institute.  By taking the examination, candidates are deemed to acknowledge the HKSI Institute’s intellectual property rights (including copyright) in all such information, materials and questions.  Candidates are not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, modify, create derivative works from or otherwise use this information, materials and questions in any manner or media.  Candidates who commit such acts without the HKSI Institute’s authority may be disqualified from the examination.  Further, the HKSI Institute reserves the right to take appropriate action against such candidates to enforce its intellectual property rights.

HKSI Institute’s official revision tools

Please beware that the only official website for the revision tools, including past examination questions and answers, offered by HKSI Institute is the Revision Tools section for LE in the HKSI Institute’s website (

For the study manuals, they are provided to candidates on a complimentary basis after they enrolled the relevant LE paper(s) through the HKSI Institute’s “e-booking” system (HKSI Institute Online Registration and Enrolment System).  CD version and hardcopy version of the LE study manuals are also available for sale at the HKSI Institute counter (Room 510, 5/F, Wing On Centre, 111 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong).


Please note that the HKSI Institute currently DOES NOT cooperate with any other external parties to sell revision study notes and/or any examination questions and answers of the LE.  Claims by any person(s) that the LE reference materials offered by such person(s) are originated from the HKSI Institute are untrue.

Candidates or other interested parties should bear their own risks if they decide to purchase or make use of any other revision study notes and/or examination questions and answers from other service provider(s) or website(s).  The HKSI Institute shall bear no responsibility for any loss or damage, whether directly or indirectly, suffered by any candidates or other parties in this regard.