In-house Training for Companies

In-house training is a total solution to complement the existing training programmes of securities firms, banks and insurance companies. All of the regular courses are available for in-house delivery.

Types of Courses for In-house Training

  • Professional Conduct and Ethics
  • Financial Products and Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance and Legal Issues
  • Foreign Exchange and Money Market
  • Financial Planning
  • Mandatory Provident Fund CPD Core Series
  • Accredited CPD Activities for Insurance Intermediaries
  • Business Communication
  • Professional Courses for SFC Regulated Activities

To ensure the courses are current and relevant, instructors with relevant expertise and practical experience will be invited for course design and delivery. Being cost effective, company specific, convenient and flexible, in-house courses will definitely ensure that your staff will be well equipped with updated skills and knowledge to operate in this very competitive environment.

To meet companies' specific requirements, our training experts are always available to design appropriate in-house courses. For inquiries, please contact us or e-mail