Mentoring Programme

Maintaining Hong Kong’s role as an international financial centre is something close to the heart of the HKSI institute. To address the market challenges at local, regional and global level, we need to ensure the quality of our talent pool. The HKSI Institute Mentoring Programme (Programme) was first launched in 2013 to provide members under the age of 35 a unique opportunity to learn from achieved veterans from the field. The whole idea of the Programme is simple – wisdom shared enables transfer of knowledge and dissemination of good values. Members’ participation helps build the HKSI Institute community and mentees benefit from the sharing and coaching from the experienced mentors.

Apr 2016

How the Government Think! (Miss Au King-chi)

Jan 2016

Making Smart Choices – In Career & Daily Life! (Mr Joseph Chan)

Dec 2015

BBQ Gathering

Oct 2015 SCMP: Our Best Mentee - Ms Sky Luo

Happy Hour Gathering

Spet 2015 HKSI Institute Mentoring Programme 2014/15 Graduation Video

HKSI Institute Mentoring Programme 2015/16 Ceremony

May 2015

Navigating Different Roles in the Financial Industry in Hong Kong and China (Ms Tina So)

Jan 2015

Strategies to Win My Game (Mr Steve Bernstein and Mr CB Lim)

Nov 2014

How to Win the Game (Dr Eva Chan and Mr Louis Mak)

Oct 2014

Preparing for A Career As A Portfolio Manager / Mentoring Program – My thoughts (Ms Samantha Ho and Mr Oliver Goh)

Sept 2014

HKSI Institute Mentoring Programme 2014/15 Ceremony


2014/15 Best Mentee

2015/16 Mentors and Mentees