Certified International Investment Analyst

Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA®) is an international and locally recognised advanced professional qualification for individuals wishing to work/working in the finance and investment industry.  The CIIA Examination is divided into three levels.  Candidates fulfilling the below said entrance requirements may proceed directly to the CIIA Final Examination.

Enrolment Prerequisites
Potential candidates should note the Entry Requirements for registering as a CIIA Candidate.

CIIA has been recognised by both international associations and local regulatory bodies.  It is useful for candidates who wish to work overseas or for any multi-national companies.

CIIA Candidates should be aware of the Award Requirements for the CIIA designation.

On 30 August 2005, the ACIIA published its Principles of Ethical Conduct which aims to set a benchmark for the professional conduct of investment analysts worldwide.  It defines the highest standard of ethical principles in a globally relevant and practical fashion.

For details of the CIIA Final Examination, please refer to the ACIIA/HKSI Institute CIIA Final Examination Registration and Enrolment Guidelines (Examination in English and/or Examination in Simplified Chinese).