Introduction to Banking

Introduction to Banking

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This eCourse consists of two modules. Module 1 aims to analyze the ‘individual businesses’ of investment banking, independently of the issues raised by financial market infrastructure. Concerns that investment banking activities were a significant cause of the broader financial crisis have their roots in the organizational structure of the overall financial system rather than many business areas. Commercial banks operate in many investment banking areas and vice versa. This interconnected structure links crises in lending areas (such as US subprime) with securities problems (such as ownership of subprime-related assets).

Module 2 looks at the role of modern retail banks. The key issues addressed include the structure of the retail banking sector, the product offerings, the drivers of profitability, and the role of regulation.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Outline the basics of investment banking and how investment banking activities are not unique to investment banks
- Describe the key investment banking functions, including M&A/advisory, underwriting, trading, and investment management
- Describe the structure of the investment banking market and the typical institutions within this market
- Describe how retail banking structures have evolved across the globe
- Describe the products and services offered by retail banks, including savings products, money transmission and payment systems, and credit extension
- Identify the sources of profitability for a retail bank
- Explain the measurements generally used to assess performance in retail banking
- Outline the key aspects of regulation relating to retail banking


Module 1: Business of Investment Banking
Topic 1: Overview of Investment Banking
Topic 2: Key Investment Banking Businesses
Topic 3: Structure of the Investment Banking Industry

Module 2: Business of Retail Banking
Topic 1: Overview of Retail Banking
Topic 2: Key Retail Banking Businesses
Topic 3: Sources of Profit
Topic 4: Assessing Performance
Topic 5: The Importance of Regulation


SFC:2.5, PWMA:2.5
All Member: HK$650
Non-Member: HK$925
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$650