Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

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This tutorial defines technical analysis and analyses its advantages and disadvantages. It examines the tenets of Dow Theory which underpins technical analysis. This tutorial examines the types of charts used and identifies certain patterns, together with how they are interpreted in the market. We consider concepts like trend lines and support, resistance levels and their application.


On completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:
- Define technical analysis
- Outline the nature of technical analysis
- List the advantages and criticisms of technical analysis
- Describe the basic tenets of Dow Theory
- Describe the types of chart construction used in technical analysis
- Explain the principal technical analysis chart patterns
- Define a chart system
- Describe the principal analytical tools used in technical analysis
- Identify trendlines and trend channels
- Identify support & resistance price levels
- Explain the moving averages used by technical analysts
- Understand how to use relative strength analysis
- Explain volume and open interest measures
- Describe the principal oscillators used
- Explain the behavioural techniques used in technical analysis
- Understand how Elliot Wave Theory works
- Outline the features of Gann Analysis


Module 1: Technical Analysis - An Overview
Topic 1: Technical Analysis Defined
Topic 2: The Nature of Technical Analysis
Topic 3: Advantages and Criticisms of Technical Analysis
Topic 4: Dow Theory

Module 2: Technical Analysis – Charting
Topic 1: Technical Analysis – Chart Construction
Topic 2: Chart Patterns
Topic 3: Technical Analysis – Charting Systems

Module 3: Technical Analysis - Tools & Techniques
Topic 1: Principal Analytical Tools
Topic 2: Trendlines & Trend Channels
Topic 3: Support & Resistance
Topic 4: Volume & Open Interest
Topic 5: Moving Averages
Topic 6: Oscillators
Topic 7: Elliot Wave Theory
Topic 8: Gann Analysis


SFC:2.5, PWMA:2.5
All Member: HK$650
Non-Member: HK$925
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$650