Regulatory Environment - Part 1

Regulatory Environment - Part 1

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This eCourse consists of three modules.  It examines how regulators balance between banking regulations and private shareholders’ needs to be compensated. It provides an overview of all sixteen titles of the Dodd-Frank Act. It then explores elements of the Act that impact the regulation of financial institutions, including new offices created, new capital requirements, and how the Act impacts credit rating agencies. The course also outlines elements of the Dodd-Frank Act that impact trading, including the Volcker rule, regulation of OTC derivatives, and regulation of asset-backed securitisation. This course also introduces the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) regulations, explains the key features of the Directive, and identifies the main market participants to whom MiFID applies.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Describe the key role played by banks in the smooth running of an economy
- Explain why extensive bank regulation is widely believed to be necessary
- Describe some key regulatory concepts and challenges, along with the various tools available to bank regulators
- Provide a brief overview of all 16 titles of the Dodd-Frank Act
- Outline how the Act impacts the regulation of financial institutions
- Outline how the Act impacts the business of trading
- Explain what MiFID is and how it developed
- List the entities, activities, and instruments that are covered and exempted from MiFID provisions
- Identify the key features of MiFID


Module 1: Banking Regulation - An Introduction
Topic 1: The Role of Banks
Topic 2: The Need for Regulation
Topic 3: Key Regulatory Concepts, Tools, Challenges

Module 2: Dodd-Frank Act - An Overview
Topic 1: Structure of the Dodd-Frank Act
Topic 2: Regulation of Financial Institutions
Topic 3: Impact on Trading

Module 3: Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
Topic 1: Introduction to MiFID
Topic 2: To Whom Does MiFID Apply?
Topic 3: Key Aspects of MiFID


SFC:3.0, PWMA:3.0
All Member: HK$780
Non-Member: HK$1110
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$780